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Born and raised in London, UK, I began my card slinging journey eight years ago and haven’t looked back since. Combining tarot and oracle cards with connection to spirit and friendly chitchat, Intuitive Soul Sessions are designed to support you in reconnecting with your own inner knowing for soulful self-understanding and spirited growth.

I’ve taken many detours to get where I am today - and I’m still not sure where I’m going from here! I’m starting to suspect that part of my soul calling is to support those who are feeling lost or confused in finding their way back into the beauty and power of the present moment.

Having ridden the bipolar disorder and anxiety roller-coaster since my teen years, finally receiving a diagnosis in my early twenties, I’ve learned just how powerful paying attention to where we are can be. When we anchor into now we’re better able to develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with whatever life throws at us, meaning far more space for helpful self-reflection, for curiosity to bloom and for creative problem solving to take place.

Embracing the body and relishing in our physicality is also incredibly important and healing to me. I’m a big believer in the innate beauty and wisdom housed within blood, flesh and bone. We didn’t come here to transcend the tangible (there’s plenty of time for that when we’re dead!) We came to dive into being human, body, heart, mind and spirit as one - my aim is to support you in being here now, rooted in your experience no matter how overwhelming or scary it may seem at times. 

A lot of this starts with tuning into our personal cycles and rhythms of ebb and flow, working with such energies accordingly. Having lived with endometriosis since my early twenties, leaning into my body and embracing her wisdom has proven essential when it comes to working through emotional blocks and physical pain, developing compassion and patience for myself and others, and making grounded, heartfelt decisions in alignment with my core beliefs and values. 

Tarot is a wonderful tool for exploring all of the above, connecting us with our inner wisdom and the rich guidance of our spiritual support team - angels, guides, ancestors and more.  

If you're keen to book an Intuitive Soul Session you can find out more here, and if you're looking for info on all things tarot, intuitive development and personal growth feel free to swing by my YouTube channel where I upload new videos throughout the week. 

I’m also taking bookings for Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Sessions for those with endometriosis looking to explore their relationship with their body, heart, mind and spirit while establishing a supportive self-care practice.

In addition to offering readings I'm currently working on establishing a local endometriosis peer support group while also penning my first poetry book - I'm sure I'll give away more details as the writing process unfolds! 

With love, gratitude and so much joy,

Imogen x