That's me, chillin' inside a tree

Grab a cuppa, get cosy and join me for a chitchat

am i to be afraid
of something inevitable
or shall i
choose to believe that when i
cross the courtyard
i will have the greatest
knowing without hesitation
that this is the way.

What's this life thing all about? Why are we here? Where am I going? What does it mean to live in alignment? What do I really believe in? What adventures do I feel called to embark upon next?

If these are your kinda questions, you're in the right place!

There's nothing I love more than brewing a pot of tea and sitting down for a soul expanding chitchat about life and all of the twists and turns that go with it. 

I'm Imogen, a UK based card slinging, word rambling, tea drinking intuitive intent on supporting you in (re)connecting with Spirit and your wise + powerful Soul Voice for healing, empowered self-understanding and spirited, soulfully aligned growth.

I like to think of myself as an 'intuitive translator', receiving and delivering messages and insight from Spirit (Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Source) using tarot, energy work and words as my tools.

Soul Sessions

During Soul Sessions - distance readings delivered via email in written/video format - I tune into your energy and invite your Spirit Tribe to pop by before blending an understanding of the imagery on the cards with channelled intuitive insights and guidance.

Soul Sessions are card readings with a twist - I also incorporate energy work, meditation, mantras and other holistic treats into the mix based on whatever it is you're most in need of at the time of your reading.

Told you I love a cuppa!

It's super exciting to recognise that when we connect with our Soul Voice - the inherent intuitive knowing we all carry within - we step fully into our creative power, supporting ourselves along our path and paving the way for deep-down healing and growth from within. 

You are your own healer, sweet friend, and it's an honour to witness your magic while working together.

I'm simply a supportive guide providing helpful tools and prompts for you to draw upon should you wish as you embark upon the greatest adventure there is; the journey within and towards your very own truth. 

your answers
are not found in
in cards
in questions asked
of another
but in you
swirling of arms
through silence
sacred dance
into darkness
into lightness
and a willingness -
a terrifying willingness -
to put aside
guidelines and maps
well worn
in favour of wearing
only trust
trust alone
her form vague
her whispers
her calling
”I don’t know
I don’t know”
you must follow
into the strangest
reaches of your

discovering tarot

Having first picked up a tarot deck in 2011 and teaching myself the Archetypal ropes, I soon discovered the cards make a wonderful tool for self-reflection and personal + spiritual development.

After taking part in an amazing tarot course at Treadwell's, London, a year or so later I knew that a card slinging life was the life for me.

From diving into the roots of your family tree and connecting with your Ancestors to surveying career options and plotting your career path, the cards are a super diverse tool for exploring both the spiritual + the practical - the two not quite so far removed as we might at first imagine!

Tarot is, ultimately, the story of us - of what it is to be human, to be spiritual beings embarking upon a physical path from birth to beyond.

We are the cards in action, through and through, the Major and Minor Arcana telling our story in an infinite number of ways; as we find ourselves within the cards we discover what it is to be alive.

We discover and gain an ever-greater understanding of truths co-existing and of the oneness we share. 

Encouraging others to learn the language of tarot is something I’m super passionate about.

When we find ways to converse with Spirit and with our inner intuitive voice there’s nothing we can’t do – holding space for ourselves in such a way is an ultimate act of self-love and self-care, facilitating a heartfelt understanding + acceptance of who we are and where it is we’d like our journey to take us in the present moment and beyond.

I firmly believe everybody can read tarot if learning the card slinging ropes happens to be on your bucket list!  

We’re all naturally intuitive, inquisitive beings keen to expand, understand and connect, so if the cards are calling to you, go ahead and pick up a pack!

Womb Deep Words + Intuitive chitchat

what if we let every worry
rest, releasing it to the ocean
placing it upon a wave
held by the rocking rhythm
of “you are safe here”
while our heart, lighter,
expands and glows
as the sun begins to set
casting sorbet pink rays
across the water.

Writing makes my heart sing, and I'm currently working on my very first book after a year or so of focusing mainly on video content.

The majority of my writing takes place on Instagram (micro blogging heaven!), in Soul Sessions and behind the scenes in various journals labelled "book stuff." Anyone else a notebook hoarder or just me? 

Poetry is where I sift through stuff and make sense of this funny old life walk I'm on; you're more than welcome to grab a cuppa and settle down for a read over on Instagram. 

Should you need a little friendly guidance to help you navigate your way through the cards you’ll find plenty of resources for tarot newbies (and for more seasoned readers) on my YouTube channel, alongside spiritual chitchat, intuitive development discussion, sacred reflection and poetry. 

Current video highlights include Tarot Card by Card, in which I share personal reflections on the cards; and Ancestry & Tarot, in which we dive into ourselves and our family tree via the wisdom and guidance of tarot's archetypes and energies. 

When I’m not in my reading room, filming tarot vids or penning blog posts I can usually be found journalling outside in the garden, binge watching Riverdale/Stranger Things/Friends and hanging with my high school sweetheart hubby <3

Fancy sharing virtual sacred space together? (Oh, the joys of the internet!) It would be an honour to dive into the cards with you during a private Soul Session.

You can also find me on Instagram for daily card pulls, poetry and spiritual musings and on Facebook - do swing by and say hello! 

Here's to deep breaths, sweet incense, music, words and sounds and sacred shoulder rolls.

Wishing you big love, passion and JOY as you embark upon the next stage of your journey - and what fun to be travelling along together today!

Imogen x