Soul Sessions

Cards, candles + cuppas galore

Soul Sessions are card readings with a twist - intuitive experiences delivered in written/recorded video format via email, for you to enjoy at a time that suits you best, incorporating energy work, meditation, mantras and other holistic treats based on whatever it is you're most in need of at the time of your session.

There is a magic space within a picture housing stories of who we are and who we might be, should we only choose to look closely
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Put the kettle on, light a candle or two and take a few deep breaths. This is your time, sweet friend, for sinking into sacred space and bearing witness to whatever it is you're experiencing in your life today.

During an intuitive Soul Session space is held for you to turn inwards and explore where you are along your path at your own pace, welcoming a re-connection to your Soul Voice and a deepened sense of knowing. 

Every Soul Session acts as a beautiful means of creating space for exploring your thoughts + feelings, processing + integrating your experiences and generating ideas + solutions when it comes to carving a pathway in full alignment with what really matters to you moving forwards.

Taking time to turn within in such a way allows us to surrender + accept what is, reclaiming our personal power in the present moment, clarifying our next steps and taking action accordingly at a pace that feels comfortable.

We are each our own healer, with an incredibly rich wealth of healing residing within, waiting to be recognised and embraced. 

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Your direct connection to Spirit is key, and so rather than telling you what to do - because you know best, sweet friend - the cards and additional healing tools drawn upon during your session will gently guide you in reconnecting to your own inner knowing, supporting you in uncovering answers within over time.

Sometimes we need support in recognising the echoes of our inner soul compass in order to create our own answers and gift ourselves wisdom from within. As your intuitive cheerleader that's what I'm here to help you with as we journey through your session together. 

Blending tarot and oracle cards with healing tools such as tailored mantras, meditations, and personalised intuitive exercises, your Soul Session is uniquely yours, tailored to your needs and lovingly carried out with the help and support of your Guides, Angels and Ancestors. 

So, not only are you connecting with your own inner wisdom and that of your higher self - the part of you who has seen all that is and all that is to come - but you will also receive messages from Spirit to support you along your way. Pretty exciting, no?!

Your Soul Session

I like to consider every Soul Session a love letter from the universe, infused with a blend of intuition and a universal divine essence – I’m simply the intuitive translator!

I settle into every distance Soul Session by connecting with your energy, inviting you and your Guides, Angels and Ancestors to join me before reading through our pre-session notes – communicated via email - and taking a moment to jot down any initial information coming through. 

Often before and during a Soul Session I receive what I like to call 'intuitive pings' - images, words, sounds and feelings Spirit sends for me to convey as your reading unfolds. No matter how strange a 'ping' may seem to me, you can rest assured I'll always pass it on! 

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After some deep breaths, the lighting of incense and a sip of tea (a Soul Session essential) I begin to film your reading with love and care, adding doses of ‘soul homework’ in the form of exercises, prompts and tasks to help you really connect with the messages conveyed by the cards and by your Guides. 

At the close of our Soul Session I take a moment to thank your Spirit Tribe for popping by, before releasing our sacred space and hopping on to my laptop to edit and send your reading to you, with love and gratitude. 

Your Soul Session is only part of the process - a catalyst for reflective work + for receiving your own intuitive hits to build upon and explore. I always encourage private reflection time beyond the scope of your session for you to dive deeper into the messages that have come through, using such info as sacred prompts for your continued journey of self-exploration.

In this way our time together is very much a collaboration, an opportunity to really dig deep and turn towards your Self with love, today and always.

Ready to sling some cards together? Be sure to read through my Policies + Ethics so you're totally in the know before booking your reading. 

With love, gratitude and so much joy, 

Imogen x

About Imogen


Hi there! It's so lovely to meet you. 

I'm Imogen, a UK based card slinging, word rambling, tea drinking intuitive intent on supporting you in (re)connecting with Spirit and your wise + powerful Soul Voice for empowered self-understanding and spirited, soulfully aligned growth.

I like to think of myself as an 'intuitive translator', receiving and delivering messages and insight from Spirit (Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Source) using tarot, energy work and words as my tools. 

With love, gratitude and so much joy, 

Imogen <3