Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Session

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Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Session


Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Sessions are designed to support you in exploring and reconnecting with your body, womb space, and mental and emotional landscapes while living with endometriosis, a condition that can often feel isolating and overwhelming. 

During my personal journey I've spent a lot of time exploring the emotional roots of the endometriosis I've experienced, diving into a wealth of infant and teenage distress I'd been storing in my pelvis for years without realising until the physical pain began.

After an extensive Laparoscopy in December 2017 I've become even more deeply dedicated to learning the language of my body, tuning in and getting to know her not as an the enemy I once thought she was, but as a dear friend and ally. 

As an intuitive mentor I'm here to help you explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of living with endometriosis, creating space for you to process your story while offering holistic strategies and techniques to help you cope and connect deeply with your whole self - body, heart, mind, spirit. 

Tarot and oracle cards, meditation, mindfulness, intuitive body mapping, visualisation, sacred movement, breath work, release work, creative expression, and sacred journaling are some of the main tools used in my personal practice and these are the type of offerings drawn upon during Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Sessions.

Such tools and techniques derive from my lived experiences with endometriosis as well as five years of providing intuitive tarot readings and coaching sessions to clients.

It would be my honour to support you in reconnecting to and reclaiming your womb space and pelvic bowl, embracing and working with your sacred cycles and inherent seasons, bringing to light and untangling emotions, memories and experiences currently carried within the body - particularly within the pelvis - and cultivating a supportive self-care practice that feels fitting for you. 

I firmly believe we're here to embrace rather than transcend or disconnect from the body; our sensuality is such a gift! Although finding a way back into the body may seem impossible when afraid and in pain, there are ways to form a nourishing, loving relationship with yourself while living with endometriosis. 

Your Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Session is entirely unique and tailored to your needs. We'll discuss beforehand via email what you'd like your session to explore. 

Common themes include navigating pain; finding ways to feel safe in your body again; reconnecting to your pelvis; exploring emotions stored within the pelvic bowl; forgiving and embracing your beautiful body.

My aim is for you to leave our time together armed with techniques and activities to draw upon for continued growth and healing as you continue your journey from here. 

Your session will arrive as a recorded video reading for you to watch at a time that suits you best; I encourage you to get in touch afterwards if you’d like anything clarified, as I’m always happy to help.

Your Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Session will arrive within 5-10 working days (excluding weekends) from date of purchase.

Please note that due to health reasons, reading time-frames are occasionally subject to change. If your Intuitive Soul Session is likely going to take longer to reach you than the standard 5-10 working days stated, I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to let you know. Thank you for your understanding.

Please ensure you’ve read through my Policies + Ethics before booking your Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Session.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you have to prior to booking, or go right ahead and book your session below. I'll be in contact within 24 hours to confirm your booking and ask a couple of questions in preparation for our time together. 

With love and joy as we take this journey together, 

Imogen x

Please note: I am not medically trained and am unable to offer advice on diagnosis or treatment options. Body Embrace: Endometriosis Soul Sessions are not a substitute for professional medical guidance and/or treatment. 

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