Stuff I'm into right meow



The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing (so good!), WTF is Tarot?, Moon Spells, Chakra for Everyday Living, The Modern Guide to Witchcraft


Stranger Things, Riverdale, Neighbours (of course!), The Sinner, Teen Mom 2. 

listening to

Taylor Swift, Sabrina Claudio, Demi Lovato, Alicia Keys, Joni Mitchell. 


Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards, Lumina Tarot, Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards, Universal Mind OracleOstara Tarot

prayer beads edited.jpg


Essential oils - creating my own delish blends including a super soothing Moontime Massage Blend and a meditative Sacred Prayer Oil. 


Micro blogs over on Instagram as well as a top secret tarot related offering..! 


Candle magic, mornings in the garden, playing with the neighbour's cats, tree energy, heart chakra healing, Merlinite from Crystal Muse, my Empress Prayer Beads from Power Femme Tarot (shown in pic above), chamomile and honey tea.

About Imogen


Hi there! It's so lovely to meet you. 

I'm Imogen, a UK based card slinging, word rambling, tea drinking intuitive intent on supporting you in (re)connecting with Spirit and your wise + powerful Soul Voice for empowered self-understanding and spirited, soulfully aligned growth.

I like to think of myself as an 'intuitive translator', receiving and delivering messages and insight from Spirit (Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Source) using tarot, energy work and words as my tools. 

With love, gratitude and so much joy, 

Imogen <3