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Tarot newbie ready to learn the card slinging ropes? Confident reader looking to fine-tune your skills and explore an aspect of your tarot practice in-depth? Dusting off your deck after a break and looking for a refresher? 

Booking a 1:1 Intuitive Tarot Mentoring session means an hour of dedicated tarot learning time totally tailored to your needs. 

My style of reading can best be described as "intuitive meets traditional." I adore and appreciate the archetypal wisdom held within the Smith-Waite school of tarot while also encouraging and enjoying the use of intuitive connection and interpretation. 

Forming a personal relationship with your cards is key - my aim is to support you in recognising and bringing to life tarot's archetypes within and around you, connecting to the cards through a beautiful blend of traditional interpretation and your personal experiences and stories. 

Mentoring session(s) are always dogma-free and Fool-ishly exploratory. We'll follow wherever the cards and your inner knowing take you, at your own pace and with your unique learning goals in mind. 

If you're new to tarot and keen to schedule on-going lessons please select the FREE twenty minute "Tarot Mentoring Tea + Chitchat" option below. During our mini session we'll have a chat about the kind of support you're looking for and what I'm able to offer - without any obligation whatsoever for you to commit to or sign-up for lessons. 

To get a good idea of how I practice tarot do swing by my YouTube channel and check out the Tarot Card by Card series. 

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you have to prior to booking, or go right ahead and schedule your session below. I'll be in contact within 24 hours to confirm your booking and ask a couple of questions in preparation our time together. 

Looking forward to working with you, sweet friend. Adventure awaits! 

Imogen x 

Intuitive Tarot Mentoring sessions are held live via Zoom, an easy to use (and free!) video conferencing platform - all you need is a laptop/computer/phone and some headphones. You will receive a recording of your session via email for your safe keeping.