#SacredAwakening2017 - 31 days of soulful self-discovery starting January 1st 2017

Happy New Year, sweet friends! Every moment holds sacred potential for a fresh start, but there's something super special about experiencing such energy together as we travel into a brand new year.

Join me in diving into a selection of soulful prompts and questions across Instagram and beyond, designed to support us in feeling present, aware and connected to self as 2017 gets underway.

In gifting our Soul Voice space to rise to the surface and be heard we pave the way for incredible transformation and kick-ass action - yes please!

This is a totally stress-free, go-at-your-own-pace journey, dear one. No pressure, no challenge, no competition. Feel free to dive into it daily or as and when, to work through the prompts chronologically or at random, to share or not to share, to answer every question or only a handful.

Whatever works for you! Heeding the call and listening to our inner whispers - that's what the Awakening process is all about. And every day gifts us a brand new opportunity to waken anew.

So grab your tarot/oracle cards/journal (or maybe even ponder a question a day during your yoga practice, while washing the dishes, travelling to work, brushing your teeth - whatever calls!) and get ready to dive into some deep down sacred soul searching.

Every morning during January I'll be pondering a prompt and sharing my thoughts with you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The more mediums used the merrier, so if you fancy slinging cards, painting a picture, penning a poem or blog post, snapping a photo, filming a video, sharing an interpretative dance (well, you never know!) please do feel free!

Use the hashtag #SacredAwakening2017 to connect with fellow soul seekers. I can't wait to cheer you on, sweetness, and to get to know you better!

With infinite love, gratitude and joy,

Imogen x

about imogen

Hi there! It's so lovely to meet you. 

I'm Imogen, a UK based card slinging, word rambling, tea drinking intuitive intent on supporting you in (re)connecting with Spirit and your wise + powerful intuitive self for soulful self-discovery, personal empowerment and spirited growth. 

I like to think of myself as an 'intuitive translator', receiving and delivering messages and insight from Spirit (Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Source) using tarot, energy work and words as my tools. 

Feel free to have a mooch around and be sure to swing by my Blog and YouTube channel for all things spirituality, tarot and intuitive development related. 

With love, gratitude and so much joy, 

Imogen <3