Ancestry, Inheritance + Legacy Soul Session


Ancestry, Inheritance + Legacy Soul Session


Connecting with your roots and celebrating your ancestral ties with the help of the cards and your Guides. 

If you're keen to dive into your family tree and explore your ancestral inheritance, honouring and holding space for those who came before you while infusing your present path with Ancestral wisdom and guidance, this is the Soul Session for you. 

Together we'll uncover the wonderful gifts, characteristics and strengths your Ancestors have lovingly passed on to you, as well as examining any significant blocks, obstacles or repeated patterns you may feel it's time to begin releasing and healing. 

Your Soul Session

Prior to creating sacred space and slinging the cards we'll converse via email as to what you'd like your session to explore.

You're also very welcome (and encouraged!) to spend some time after your session diving into a personal exploration of the messages that have come through, continuing your self-reflection journey. 

Find out more about what a Soul Session involves here. 

Expect tea (shared virtually, because that's how we roll!), friendly and supportive chitchat and deep down soul searching and truth seeking. 

Your future is in your hands, sweet friend, which is exactly where it should be. As your trusty intuitive translator channelling messages from Spirit (Guides, Angels, Ancestors - you never know who might decide to swing by!) I'm here to support you in reconnecting with your own inner knowing, finding your own answers and plotting your own course - and what a magical journey such a path of discovery is! 

Your Ancestry, Inheritance + Legacy Soul Session is delivered as a written reading and typed with care. 

Your reading will be with you within 10-15 working days (excluding weekends), sent straight to your email inbox as a PDF attachment. A colour photograph of your cards is included. 

Booking Information

Please read my Policies + Ethics prior to purchasing.  

Questions or queries before placing an order? Feel free to drop me an email at and I'll be sure to respond within 48 hours. 

With love, gratitude and so much joy,

What fellow Soul Seekers are saying about Soul Sessions

"The Reclaim Your Power Soul Session you created for me was full of love and spirit (there were good healing tears when I watched). You are absolutely lovely and so gifted with light. I am grateful I took a chance (there was a soul nudge) and booked with you."

"Working with Imogen was wonderful. She was able to descibe her process in such a way as to make me feel at ease about everything. She went above and beyond what I expected, and my reading was delivered with such care and attention. Looking forward to future readings!"

"Imogen has a way of making you feel at home and as though she's known you for years. I feel this particular trait adds to her readings and really is a testament to what a wonderfully radiant and insightful reader she truly is."

"Thank you, Imogen, so much for the thoughtful, loving, authentic, and nourishing reading. I whole-heartedly recommend Imogen and know that I will be back for another reading soon."

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